Angels Flight® Railway Foundation supports Angels Landing

LOS ANGELES – Angels Landing has garnered the support of the Angels Flight® Railway Foundation, the nonprofit organization charged with stewardship of Downtown Los Angeles’ historic 298-foot fixed-rail, two-car railway serving passengers on Bunker Hill since 1901.

Hal Bastian, president, Angels Flight® Railway Foundation, wrote in a letter to L.A. City Planning Department leaders, “We support the Angels Landing project and urge the city to approve it. The Angels Flight® Railway Foundation will be a next-door neighbor to the project which will provide certain community benefits to the Railway, including being respectful of vistas of the Railway from multiple points on and around the project.”

Victor MacFarlane, president and CEO, MacFarlane Partners and R. Donahue Peebles, president and CEO, The Peebles Corporation – principals of Angels Landing Partners, LLC – said, “We are grateful to have the strong support for our Angels Landing hotel development project by the Angels Flight® Railway Foundation Board of Directors, leadership and members. We believe the anticipated flow of Angels Landing’s hotel guests and Angels Landing Plaza’s visitors will be of benefit to the railway’s daily operations. We’re pleased the Angels Flight® Railway Foundation shares our belief.”

Angels Landing is comprised of two towers, each to be anchored by its own five-star hotel. The development will feature Angels Landing Plaza, an expansive, pedestrian-centered, transit-adjacent, modern urban park in the heart of downtown L.A.

According to an analysis prepared by BJH Advisors, LLC., more than 8,300 new jobs will be created during Angels Landing’s project design and construction. The New York City-based firm’s report estimates Angels Landing would additionally create more than 800 permanent jobs in downtown L.A. An estimated 500 jobs would be created by vendors in the L.A. County region providing good and services to the two luxury hotels.

In addition to new job creation, the BJH Advisors analysis projects Angels Landing would provide L.A.’s local economy a $1.6 billion boost and contribute $731 million to local worker’s earnings during its construction. The project would generate as estimated 12 million in recurring tax revenues and $2.4 million annually in local property tax revenues, according to the report.

Angels Landing Plaza will frame the angular, multi-level Bunker Hill site as a publicly accessible, privately managed park amenity, establishing it as a vibrant, inviting, and treasured locale for L.A.’s downtown neighborhood residents, weekday commuters, nightlife seekers, tourists, and hotel guests. L.A.’s historic Angel’s Flight funicular will operate along its hillside-climbing, east-west route contiguous to the Angels Landing.