Features & Benefits

Angels Landing is an iconic twin-tower hotel and residence “halo-project” for historic Bunker Hill. Greater L.A. visitors and tourists will be beckoned to Angels Landing’s two five-star hotel properties offering luxury accommodations in downtown Los Angeles rivaling upscale hotels in Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Century City and Santa Monica.

In addition to its two magnificent hotels, Angels Landing Plaza – a multi-level, publicly accessible and privately managed open space – will create a new pedestrian-centered mecca for downtown Los Angeles residents, transit commuters and tourists.

Economic Benefits

$1.6 billion in local economic infusion
8,300 new jobs during construction
$731 million in direct, indirect and induced worker earnings
300+ employment opportunities in completed hotels
500+ new jobs created by vendors for Angels Landing
87+ employment opportunities in Angel Terrace

Angels Landing will have a major positive economic impact on downtown L.A. and Greater Los Angeles. Angels Landing is projected to create a $1.6 billion* local economic infusion. More than 8,300 new jobs* would be created during Angels Landing’s construction. Workers associated with Angels Landing’s design and construction would earn an estimated $731 million* in direct, indirect and induced earnings.

When Angels Landing is completed and open to the public, a permanent workforce will be central to its operations. More than 300 workers* would hold positions at Angels Landing’s two five-star hotels. More than 87 workers* would hold positions at Angels Landing’s retail stores and restaurants.

More than 500* new jobs will be created by vendors serving Angels Landing’s hotels, restaurants and retail stores. Angels Landing will create an estimated 37* new jobs for its property management operations.

Angels Landing is committed to 30% minority-owned and women-owned business procurement.

*Analysis provided by BJH Advisors LLC

Community Benefits

Angels Landing is the transformative culmination of Bunker Hill’s redevelopment that was begun in earnest in 1959. Angels Landing will provide a significant economic stimulus for downtown L.A. arts and cultural venues, such as MOCA, Walt Disney Concert Hall and The Broad Museum. Angels Landing will be the anchor development for Bunker Hill and California Plaza. With Angels Landing as an unmatched resource in downtown L.A. accommodations and hospitality, Bunker Hill will become a signature travel, tourism and convention destination.

Los Angeles and L.A. County will benefit from increased revenues generated by the development:

Transient Occupancy Tax Revenue: $3.8 million
Property Tax Revenue: $2.4 million per year
Business Tax Revenue: $180,000 per year
Land Purchase: $50 million
One-Time Tax Revenues: $4.3 million*
Recurring Tax Revenues: $12 million*

*Analysis provided by BJH Advisors LLC